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The IdeaSafe is a new way to protect your creativity and deter idea theft. We can keep your work safe and provide independent verification of your rights, giving you peace of mind.

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Last year £4.5 billion was lost to intellectual property theft in the UK alone.

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After a couple of people “borrowing” our presented work we now protect all our visuals, logos, pitches, ideas, and web visuals before showing it to clients


We are increasingly having to put in alot of unpaid time upfront to present creative ideas at the pitch stage. When those ideas get stolen, it costs the company money


We protect our development at each key stage when showing it outside of the studio, files are so easy to copy these days


It’s amazing how ideas can be used, someone can hear an idea and in the next breath think they came up with it, not only is this very annoying but also costly

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Good lawyers are not cheap, Idea Protection is a good deterant, and has saved us a lot of legal costs, especially as a small fish in a big shiny expensive pond


  • Instant protection
  • Accepted in UK court of law
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Simple and easy to use